A New Era of OSS

Why OSSera?

Save operation cost, improve operation efficiency, and support future network.

Save Cost

A single platform that covers discovery, FM, PM, CM, and other advanced OSS functions, with limited EMS/NMS requirements, will dramatically reduce the cost of your OSS system while providing superior features.

Improve Efficiency

With discovery, FM, and PM for end-to-end telecommunication network domains in a single system, users can identify frequent issues and automate processes. This allows the system to handle problems with minimal human intervention, maximizing efficiency.

Support Future Network

The telecommunications network is evolving to support applications such as Industry 4.0, self-driving cars, remote healthcare, and more. To support these future networks, OSS must be able to discover resources from all network domains, integrate them into end-to-end topologies, and manage faults and performance on an end-to-end basis. Automation, closed-loop processes, and self-management capabilities are also essential


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OSSera is a telecommunication network operation support system software provider. OSSera CosmOSS solution helps CPS save money, improve network operation efficiency, and ensure future network prove.